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About Joe

A highly versatile communications professional with 30-plus years of experience...
A media/public relations expert whose background includes being an award-winning journalist...
Technically Proficient... Exceptional "People Skills"... A proven project manager... 
A talented do-it-all (from taglines to in-depth features) writer—at heart a storyteller...

My writing roots run deep.

At 17 I was offered my first real job—as a sports writer for my hometown's daily newspaper. And I've been writing for a living every since.

Working for a small newspaper was probably the best education I ever got. A real hands-on education. I picked up a camera and became a professional photographer. That's when I developed a great appreciation for combining the written word with strong visuals, so I then gravitated toward graphic arts.

I consider myself fortunate to have always found work that I've found interesting: becoming, at the time, the youngest sports editor of a daily newspaper in Iowa; continuing my "education," after completing my undergraduate degree, at a small weekly newspaper where I really honed my skills as a graphic designer; beginning my public relations career promoting mass transit, then a prominent historic site, before moving on to the United States Tennis Association. (For all the details click the Experience button.)

Leaving the USTA—the association didn't offer me any opportunity to "move up" unless I'd be willing to move to New York—turned out to be a momentous decision. Had I never gone to work at Jackson County, Missouri, I wouldn't have met my wife. We were introduced to one another at the Jackson County Medical Examiner's Office on February 12, 2008.

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in 2021.

Today, I try my best to maintain my personal/professional life balance, though I do have a tendency, as my wife puts it, "to get into the bubble."


Throughout my career, I've always sought opportunities to grow. I am especially proud of my adatability over the years, gravitating from being print-focused to becoming a true web master—then embracing social media as yet another communications outlet, one which I routinely use to drive traffic to the websites I manage. I'm determined to continually modernize my career without compromising my "old school" work ethic: never settle for just getting the job done—unless you've gotten it exceptionally well done.


Always produce work you would be proud to sign your name on. 


My wife, Stephanie Red Feather, and I enjoy the view from above the clouds on Pikes Peak. Colorado holds a special place in our hearts, for I proposed on the shores of Bear Lake in Estes Park, Colorado, and we hope to some day make our home high up in the mountains. Stephanie is an Air Force veteran, spiritual counselor and an award-winning author.

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