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Radio Spots

At Union Station Kansas City, Inc., I wrote copy for several radio spots. Here are three examples:

Dino Lab

Length: 50-Second Spot w/10-Second Tag

Narrator: "Mom"

There’s a new, gentle giant in town and your kids can get to know him real well. . . . Hold it. “New” is not the right word to describe Lyle. He is, after all, an old dinosaur.

But after 140 million years in the ground, Lyle is getting an extreme makeover inside Science City at Union Station—in the brand new Dino Lab. Now, for the first time anywhere, you, your kids, anyone can watch all the work it takes to get a dinosaur like Lyle back on his feet.

In Lyle’s case, that’s no small task. With all his bones back in place, the gigantic Camarasaurus is bigger than a train engine.

Good thing the Dino Lab is the largest lab of its kind in the nation.

Visit for all the dino details and see the Dino Lab in person inside Science City. It’s a real lab with real scientists, real dinosaurs, and it’s real cool.

TAG: Make it a dino-fun Saturday at Union Station with Dino Daze. The grand opening of the Dino Lab features lots of dino games, puppets and live music.

Magic Exhibit

Length: 50-Second Spot w/10-Second Tag

Narrator: "Mom"

Kids love magic. But the biggest trick that any magician plays is on us – the Mom’s left answering those “how-did-they-do-that” questions?

What’s a mom to do? Take your kids to Science City at Union Station.

The new exhibit inside Science City – Magic: The Science of Illusion – shows how it’s done, from mind reading and levitation to the Amazing Living Head, which is this really heads-up illusion in which someone disappears – all expect their head. And that someone could be you.

Magic: The Science of Illusion lets you in on the act, then takes you behind the scenes to reveal the science behind the art of magic.

So, disappear to Science City. Magic opens Feb. 12th.  Hurry because this interactive exhibit won’t be here long. It goes “abracadabra!” and vanishes into thin air May 1st.

Magic: The Science of Illusion has a lot of the answers. If you’ve got questions visit or just call 816-460-2020.

MEMBERSHIP TAG: When you leave Science City, count on your kid asking, “When can we come back?” Discover the best way to make Union Station your family fun destination. Get FREE admission and discounts with a Union Station Family Membership.

BIRTHDAY PARTY TAG: Get your kid’s birthday party down to a science. Hold it in Science City at Union Station. It’s the party place where every birthday bash is memorable fun for all and is also easy on Mom and Dad.

MAGIC FAMILY DISCOVERY TAG: Try a bold experiment in family fun. Call Union Station to sign up for its special Magic Family Discoveries. Learn the science of magic, and remember: The family that performs tricks together sticks together.

Kansas City Museum

Length: 45-Second Spot w/15-Second Tag

Narrator: "The Professor"

It’s the stately old mansion with a story to tell—Kansas City’s story.

At the Kansas City Museum, housed in Corinthian Hall, the “palace on Gladstone Boulevard,” trace KC’s roots all the way back to the Osage tribe. Discover how modern Kansas City arose from a settlement of tiny trading posts and went from a speck on the map to boom town—all thanks to the first bridge spanning the Missouri River.

It’s Kansas City’s story. It’s our story—in our Museum. Visit the Kansas City Museum in the historic Northeast neighborhood. Enjoy the splendor of Corinthian Hall, gaze upon the stars in the Museum’s planetarium, and no visit to the Museum is complete without a treat from the 1910 soda fountain.

For details go to or call 816-460-2020.

TAG: From the explorer William Clark to Boss Tom Pendergast and President Harry Truman . . . Meet the people who shaped KC in the Kansas City Personalities Series at the Kansas City Museum. Visit for details about these FREE portrayals of these historical giants.

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