Stephanie Red Feather

I was responsible for designing this brochure, including photography. My client provided the copy.


Goodwill HR Brochure

For this freelance project, I was responsible for all aspects of producing this brochurefrom taking photographs, writing the content, designing the piece and selecting a print vendor.

The objective of the procedure was to attract more applicants for jobs with Goodwill Industries.


2006 US Open Viewer Guide

This pamphlet targeted "casual" sports fans, encouraging them to tune into the tournament on television. It was placed in sports bars, sporting good stores and other "general" locations.

My responsibilities included writing all the content and designing the graphics, including the cover.


Tennis Workshop Registration

This piece was designedagain I was responsible for all aspects of creating it, from the graphics to copyto serve as a registration piece for an upcoming Community Tennis Development Workshop.


To keep costs down, I designed this legal-sized brochure so that it could be printed on a standard office machine. © Joseph Loudon