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Jackson County, Missouri Prosecutor's Office

Kansas City, MO   |   April 2019 - Present   |   FULL DETAILS​

  • Communications/Marketing Administrator COMBAT Anti-Crime Program
    Responsible for all public relations for county-wide anti-crime initiative involving Prosecutor's Office, Sheriff's Office, 12 police departments, school districts, social services agencies, health care professionals and faith-based organizations.

Jackson County, Missouri

Kansas City, MO   |   November 2007 - April 2019   |   FULL DETAILS​

  • Website Administrator (February 2017 - April 2019)
    Redesigned the website to reflect preferences of new County Executive. Coordinated web management with 19 departments and 12 elected officials. Created customized training program for more than 60 content contributors. Analyzed web traffic patterns, provided monthly quality control reports and made recommendations to improve site performance.

  • Website Content Developer/Communications Specialist (November 2007 - February 2017)
    Developed an “in-house news agency” to increase content on websites through feature articles and to create a historical archive. Served as the ghostwriter for County Executive and department directors, including speeches, correspondence and guest-column submissions.

United States Tennis Association Missouri Valley Section

Overland Park, KS   |   June 2005 - July 2007   |   FULL DETAILS

  • Senior Publications Coordinator
    Implemented USTA re-branding campaign and developed section’s style guide.
     Created CrossCourt membership magazine. Redesigned section website. Web traffic increased 175%.

Union Station Kansas City, Inc.

Kansas City, MO   |   October 2003 - May 2005   |   FULL DETAILS

  • Advertising Copywriter & Web Master
    All exhibits exceeded attendance goals. Website traffic increased 400%. 

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

Kansas City, MO   |   June 1999 - October 2003   |   FULL DETAILS

  • Media/Publications Coordinator
    Launched "Customer-Driven... Every Minute... Every Mile..." campaign.
     Customer complaints dropped 43% in one year. Also produced weekly, monthly and quarterly newsletters.

Cameron Citizen-Observer

Cameron, MO   |   November 1994 - June 1999   |   FULL DETAILS

  • News Editor (January - June 1999)

  • Sports Editor (November 1994 - June 1999)
    More than a dozen state and national awards earned.

Creston News Advertiser

Creston, IA   |   March 1986 - August 1992   |   FULL DETAILS

  • Sports Writer (March 1986 - August 1989)

  • Sports Editor (September 1989 - August 1992)

Jackson County, Missouri Prosecutor's Office

Kansas City, MO  |   April 2019 -Present

COMBAT Communications/Marketing Administrator (April 2019 - Present)


  • Responsible for all communications (website, social media, news releases, media relations, graphic design) for Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax (COMBAT) program.

  • In 2021 rebranded COMBAT: conducted surveys and focus groups, redesigned logo (unveiled December 15, 2021), developed new messaging to emphasis community outreach and unity to further distance program from the outdated “war on drugs” rhetoric it was originally associated with. Currently rebuilding

  • Coordinating public relations with more than 60 outside agencies that receive annual COMBAT funding for violence prevention and substance use disorder treatment programs.

  • Publicizing the accomplishments of the Jackson County Drug Task Force and Drug Abatement Response Team. Serving as COMBAT’s communications liaison with the Sheriff’s Office and 12 police departments. Providing communications support for Prosecutor’s Office with focus on Victim Advocates and social media campaigns.

  • Pitching story ideas to news organizations and fielding media requests. In 2021 COMBAT received extensive positive coverage for its innovative Project RISE and Caring For Crime Survivors support programs, as well as its new police Social Services Referral Portal.

  • In 2020 modernized grant funding application process through designing new online forms and managing the database. Creating this paperless process significantly expedited reviewing applications.

  • Raise awareness of program’s mission and achievements through complying e-mail list of more than 20,000 addresses and generating regular e-blasts.

  • Produce robust COMBAT NEWS content for website and on social media, leading to increased media interest in telling COMBAT’s story. Special area of focus placed on programs assisting gunshot wound survivors recovering from emotional trauma—jacksoncountycombat/onesurvivorsstory.

  • Write speeches for director and County Prosecutor regarding crime- and drug-related programs or issues.

  • Created first-ever digital program directory for COMBAT-funded agencies.

  • During pandemic shifted COMBAT staff, Commission and partner agencies to use of virtual meeting platforms, continually updated new COVID-19 Resources on website and social media.

Jackson County, Missouri

Kansas City, MO  |   November 2007 - April 2019

Website Administrator (February 2017-April 2019)


  • Transitioned to new position—after nine years splitting time between Communications Specialist and Web Content Administrator duties.

  • Redesigned website in 2017 to reflect preferred color scheme and image of new County Executive.

  • Analyze web data to monitor all six county websites and drafted monthly reports on traffic patterns (most commonly visited pages, devices used to access sites, social media referrals, etc.) and made recommendations to improve each site’s performance.

  • Coordinated with 19 different departments, 12 elected officials, more than 30 boards/commissions and content management system (CMS) vendor to manage all web-related projects.

  • Created and implemented training program for more than 60 website content contributors.

  • Developed mobile applications for Parks + Rec Department and continued to update Parks website, including design of all online graphics.

Web Content Administrator/Communications Specialist (November 2007 - February 2017)


  • Communications Department’s only writer. Responsible for consistent messaging (news releases, online content, talking points) for special events, major projects, key initiatives and community-outreach programs.

  • Served as the ghostwriter for County Executive and department directors, including speeches, correspondence and guest-column submissions.

  • Completed initial redesign of main county website in 2008, utilizing graphic artist skills and, in addition to the content, also writing HTML/CSS code.

  • Expanded County’s digital footprint from one website to six.

  • Developed an “in-house news agency” to increase content on websites through feature articles and to create a historical archive.

  • Managed project in 2015 to redesign all six websites and migrate them to new content management system (CMS).

    ► Wrote formal Request For Proposals and chaired CMS selection committee tasked with reviewing bids and vetting vendors.

    ► Utilized graphics and code-writing skills to develop new wireframes to serve as blueprint for final site designs.

    ► Analyzed web traffic patterns and search engine data to develop more user-friendly navigation trees.


  • Other duties:

    ► Responding to media inquiries and coordinating news conferences, speeches and special events.

    ► Producing PowerPoint presentations.

    ► Still photography and videography.

    ► Writing copy for newsletters, brochures, print advertisements, video scripts and social media.

United States Tennis Association Missouri Valley Section

Overland Park, KS   |   June 2005-July 2007

Senior Publications Coordinator


  • Created new quarterly publication, CrossCourt, focusing specifically on local players, events and news to complement section members’ subscriptions to Tennis and USTA Magazine, which concentrate on professional players. Responsible for layout, photography, articles, editing/rewriting submissions and ghostwriting Executive Director’s column.

  • Designed pieces—flyers, brochures, posters, etc.—to promote membership drives, programs and events.

  • Submitted print specs and selected vendors, while maintaining project/graphics budget. All projects completed on time and under budget.

  • Revised section website through updated content, photo galleries and standardized design templates. Web traffic increased 175% June – December 2005 and another 120% in 2006.

  • Produced, then enforced style guide to guarantee consistent messaging and branding throughout the Missouri Valley Section’s seven districts—Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, St. Louis and Heart of America (Greater Kansas City region)—in accordance with national rollout of new logo branding campaign.

  • Trained staff and volunteers in use of style guide, media relations, writing and basic photography.

  • Attended events and tournaments throughout the section, acting as a press aide while also taking photographs, writing feature articles and posting updates on Photos published in various local and national publications, including Sports Illustrated.

  • Compiled information through coordination with various district Tennis Service Representatives and volunteers to design 88-page annual yearbook.

Resigned due to lack of growth opportunities without relocating to national office in New York City and after being offered position at Jackson County in June of 2007. Pursued freelance offers while waiting for county’s hiring freeze (June – October 2007) to be lifted.

Union Station Kansas City, Inc.

Kansas City, MO   |   October 2003-May 2005

Advertising Copywriter & Web Master


  • Generated copy for all print ads, signage, brochures, direct-mail pieces, newsletters, radio commercials, etc.

  • Revised and updated the text/graphics for the web, including the rebuild of the Union Station and Science City home pages, as well as the initial design of a new Kansas City Museum site. Devised and implemented special promotions exclusively for the web, including e-newsletters.

  • Analyzed web traffic statistics to determine viewing patterns and initiated strategies for improving the site’s performance. Number of web visitors increased 400% in 2004.

  • Established profiles of target markets to establish different “voices” to appeal to suburban and urban families, corporations, educators, donors, etc. Based on these profiles, created themes and taglines to focus marketing campaigns for exhibits, movies, special events and fundraising. All exhibits exceeded attendance goals.

  • Utilized photography skills to increase USKC’s image library.

  • Developed organization’s style guide, drafted scripts for automated phone system and assisted PR specialists in producing newsletters, FAQs, press kits, article submissions, media events and talking points.

Resigned due to organization’s instability (three CEO’s and four Marketing Directors in 21 months).

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

Kansas City, MO   |   June 1999-September 2003

Media/Publications Coordinator


  • Applied an array of journalistic skills to significantly upgrade all KCATA communications, combining graphics with copy to produce a variety of marketing publications, including annual reports, newsletters, direct-mail pieces, brochures, advertisements, flyers, etc.

  • Produced agency’s internal and external communications by managing editorial calendar, conducting interviews, writing articles, taking photographs, designing newsletters and coordinating with print vendor.

  • Started new monthly internal newsletter with original design and concept of serving as an employee-recognition tool to complement weekly news-oriented publication. Also, responsible for writing and designing monthly and quarterly external newsletters.

  • Implemented new “Customer-Driven . . . Every Minute . . . Every Mile!” public relations campaign to emphasize customer service. Customer complaints dropped 43% in one year.

  • Wrote news releases, speeches, ad copy for print and broadcast, scripts, etc. Ghost-wrote guest columns and other media submissions for the general manager and board chair. Pitched story ideas to the media.

  • Conducted research to bolster agency’s image related to community service, economic development and environmental impact.

  • Surveyed customers, obtained testimonials, and performed comparative studies with peer agencies regarding funding, efficiency and service quality.

Resigned when presented opportunity to further develop web design/editing skills at Union Station.

Cameron Citizen-Observer

Cameron, MO   |   November 1994-June 1999

News Editor (January 1999-June 1999)


  • Planned and oversaw all editorial projects, including annual 124-page Profile edition and paper’s first-ever full-color magazine, Crossroads Country.

  • Hired and supervised staff reporters and freelance writers, assigning stories, setting deadlines, editing and fact-checking articles.

  • Covered City Council, Park Board, School Board and Police beats, while continuing to serve as Sports Editor.

  • Broke two major stories ahead of larger competitors (Kansas City Star, St. Joseph News-Press and area television stations): 

    Abandoned Infant Left At Hospital

    State Prison Causing Air Pollution

Sports Editor (November 1994-June 1999)


  • Expanded game coverage and use of graphics to create award-winning “Sports Beat” section, increasing readership through greater emphasis on female athletic teams and “minor” sports.

  • Created paper’s style guide.

  • Designed Profile edition every year.

  • During publisher’s prolonged illness in 1997, volunteered to assume his responsibility for designing front page, leading to full pagination of entire paper.

  • Earned 10 Missouri Press Association Better Newspaper Awards. 

Resigned to pursue opportunities outside the newspaper industry.

Creston News Advertiser

Creston, IA   |   March 1986-August 1992

Sports Writer/Editor

  • Published more than 1,800 by-line articles and 3,000 photographs.

  • Promoted to Sports Editor in September of 1989, becoming at the time the youngest sports editor at a daily newspaper in Iowa.

  • Trained and supervised sports department’s staff. Coverage area featured 11 high schools and one college. At the time youngest sports editor of a daily newspaper in Iowa.

Resigned to pursue undergraduate degree full-time.

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