News Releases

I draw on my experience as a journalist when writing news releases. During my newspaper career, I received countless releases that were dry as day-old toast and would have failed miserably to grab any news editor’s attention.

They almost always required doing follow-up, assigning a reporter to make at least a phone call or two. Given that I had a limited editorial staff, as do most news media outlets (big or small) today, there were rarely enough bodies to do all that follow-up. Most releases ended up being tossed aside.

Unlike many public relations specialist, I write releases that are what I call “press-ready.” They are fully formed—and interesting—news articles that an editor would consider ready for publishing “as is.” Keep it short is the standard PR mantra with regard to news releases, but I prefer to think in terms of “make it complete.” Furthermore, I now always try to include photographs with my releases, signaling to editors that this artwork is available to them.